Wednesday, September 10, 2014

fall prep

kinda like love fall over here!
and these are our favorite things to kick off the next season...

pumpkin spice lattes were released early so of course we were there!

sweet cinnamon pumpkin is really the only way to get into fall...

iz and i got our toes painted in yoga-ta-get-this-blue... baby toes are just darling!

and new yogas and tights for tunics and tops, love it all, comfy and cozy!

now off to get some mums and pumpkins, maybe izzy love with even get to go to her first pumpkin patch this fall?!?! fun!

{check out our pics over here}

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

it's time.

so we're kinda apple nerds around here and the release of new products means excitement in this household, lol!

a few features i love...

about the apple watch...

uh it comes in white, hello come to mama! and silver and gold ooh lala.

those mini apps are adorbs!

and the little messages and sending your sweetie a heart beat have my heart beating.

plus it has my fave feature of all...

your wallet. ha.

safe? who knows... but what mommy doesn't need this!? i can't tell you how many times ive had to hunt-shuffle-dig for cards at different stores... hope it loads my target and starbucks ones and gah! i could leave the house with just a diaper & wipes?! say what!!

the iphone 6 plus looks pretty sweet with a bigger screen and more space! i love my full size ipad for certain things, g's mini ipad for travel and our iphones for everything else so i guess time will tell if i like an in-between bigger phone/smaller ipad size :)

happy new apple product day!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

glazed apples! oh my yumo.

this is one of my fave apple recipes... and baby and i just got back from picking fresh ones from the orchard!

{pics from the orchard over here!}


Friday, August 22, 2014

a splish splash.

whilst summer is still beaming us with golden rays {read i'm so over the 90-100 degree temps} my mood is shifting towards fall!

in the meantime... pool floaties are perfect for our last fling with summer!

these puppies gotta go on my list for next year {or clearance finds!} i think i could maybe fit 3 in the pool... hmmm.

aren't they so fun?! plus that pretzel looks pretty tasty.

{via, via, via}

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

too cool for school

back-to-school already?! summer just started!
kiddo pics are showing up everywhere with sweet little bags packed with school supply goodies!

makes me wanna go back... ha ha okay just for the supplies.

poppin pens in hues so fun… {via bando}

clipped up in a bow... paper clips. oh la la. {via kate spade}

a giant gem speaker in the coolest shade around {via bando}

push pin bows add a tiny sparkle to that drab to fab bulletin board {not sure where i will use these, but i gotta find some, so bow-ti-ful}{via kate spade}

a retro mint to be calculator... almost makes me wanna calculate something! {via anthropologie}

who doesn't need an - i am very busy pocket calendar?? {via bando}

and mini hello cards are a perfect treat to ship through the mail... and way sweeter than a text ;) {via kate spade}

izzy didn't wanna miss out on the fun either... for her first day of toddlerhood check out her pics over here ;)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

happy b-day baby pants!

mama and daddio shopped for little baby's first birthday week!

she was so so darling learning to unwrap!
oh what fun christmas will be.

my baby is a snuggler so anything soft, plushy n squishy fit the bill...
and here's our top picks for babes numero uno...

this wooden bike was a must-add to our wood inspired toy collection.
plus it is hot pink - oh la la. it's a tad big {at the moment} but she loves to ride it with a little help. ideally it's for a 18 mo - 3 year old so a perfect combo for her first mobile year!

{via glodos bit bike - on sale here}

bath tub time has always been a fave around here and iz could splashing around. these bath squirties are the sweetest little creatures and her very favorite?? the aqua octopus. adorbs.

{via elegant baby sea party & elegant baby lagoon party}

boon links for baby baths are just as sweet and stick to the tub walls, yes please! baby just figured out how to get them stuck!

{via boon links}

the softest lil bunny plush around is a bunnie by the bay. so incredibly soft i think i could snuggle him too!

{via bunnies by the bay}

my baby girl grew out of her 9 month jammies one day after she turned 1! lol. and crazy cakes but baby gap had us covered with some sweet milk n cookies 12 month jams. oh my, that tiny elastic waist band is so squeezably precious on her! she loves a good sleeve too so these are a great fit summer fall winter.

{via baby gap}

a soft little plushie, now officially named piggy, was loved and kissed on by my sweetie poo the second it left it's package!

{via ganz mayhem zoo}

bibs are needed everywhere these days and this one was polka dot delicious! whilst baby never did need the burpie cloth i love the giant size that more than covers all her cute lil outfits!

{via aden+anais}

and this precious oh joy- land of nod pachyderm just happened to land at our doorstep! a perfect match for her room :)

{via oh joy - land of nod}

happy birthday week baby girl, you were so darling to celebrate! mommy & daddy love you so very much.

{for all her party pics click over here to my family blog!}

Saturday, August 9, 2014

happy birthday sweet izzy baby!

ah! the day has arrived!

you, my lil izzy, are the cutest sweetest most darling little babe and mama and dada love love love you!

{tutu - von maur

white/pink big bow - saks fifth ave

bright pink bow & shoes etsy

pics by gina

cake by julie

daddy spray painted the high chair :)}

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

its a great day - plates

aren't these cute customized for kiddos?!
love those bright colors and what an adorable gift idea ...

and on a flash sale just today! {over at emilyley}

i love love love her simplified planners. bright colors & super organized {two things i love}

how darling right?


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

party prep

ah! izzy turns one on saturday... this saturday!
my teeny bebe. pretty excited for lil muffin pop :)

inviting family & friends over for a laid back party on the lawn with sips, sweet treats and a movie. swimming and wacky sprinklers... water balloons and badminton, maybe some yahtzee or yard games *if* i get around to making a few! of course pinterest has a bagazillion ideas.


how did i even plan my wedding before pinterest. har har.

the theme of izzy babes swaray :: dun dun daaah... PINK & GOLD!

and what goes better with that than cotton candy??

so i snatched this up on ebay.

it's ahhhhmazing. it makes a big poof o candy in 30 seconds, hello we need an intervention over here.

see you saturday! ;)

Friday, August 1, 2014

oh what to get a one year old.

baby izzy loves soft things! like laundry, she loves laundry. freshly folded shirts, socks, towels... she takes one out of the expertly folded basket holds em up to her sweet lil cheeks says ah... and promptly moves on to the next piece, ha! what a darling little doll.

for now mommy doesn't mind ;)

so these gift ideas are sure to please with their plushness...

softest-bunny-ever and so stinkin' darling! i think i could sleep with it too. hoping i can find it here somewhere!

and who doesn't need a brightly colored pachyderm! adorbs. and it matches her room {this one might be on its way ;)}

mama is obsessed with these brightly colored blocks, obsessed i tell you! those colors, oh lala. i would also play with them. lol.

and izzy is still crazy about books! i love it. boynton books are so sweet too for lil babes, bright colors, cute phrases. she's got 2, but they're some of her faves!

well wish us luck! too many cutesy things out there. plus she will probably love the box more... so we best pic a good box. ha ha :)


Monday, July 14, 2014

party time prep

baby girl is turning 1 and mama is gonna have a heart attack!

how can this be?!

i have 4 weeks to prep for partay!! ... got a few things ordered and on the way... but my "big" projects are takings a fuuuuureeeevvver. i mean seriously i need a nanny... a chef... or free time... or.... lol.


so these invites are da bomb.

i am working towards making ours as spectacularly delightful! cutest idea no? yes i plan to copy this idea, but what great mom doesn't ;) ha!

so sweet... now how do i mail em?! :)


Saturday, July 5, 2014

happy 4th weekend!

izzy babes had a ball at her first 4th celebrations!

oh my what a cutie... more pics over here!
happy weekend!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

snap, crackle, pop!

its almost the 4th!

mama's been snapping pics this weekend of izzy doll {and grabbed a few before all the wheat was cut, whew!} she's purty cute in red white and blue!!

we got some adorable ones with her cousins too!

sneak peak over har {a life well documented}

Monday, June 9, 2014

find o the day!

just last weekend my sistas and i hit the garage sales and scored a rody horse for practically nothing! yay mama!

its so cute {and bright orange, yes please} the color i woulda picked had i picked one out... :)

yay for great deals!
yay for izzy pants!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

baby books.

my sweet lil izzy looooves books.

at one of her baby showers her hosts {my sisters} requested books as cards to go with each baby gift! it was so amazing and now that izzy can get into evvvvverything, she gets them out everyday!

hubs and i {izzy in tow, of course} stopped in at acme gifts this weekend on our day trip to see my brother graduate! this is my faaaaavorite shop in manhattan. seriously, hubby said he would buy me something from here every single week if we just had one around home... because i love it that much. super cool mod stuff, fun games, toys, books, you name it. if its quirky or delightful it's in there.

anyway i digress... the point is they carried my fave babylit books!! i have been wanting to snag some for izzy b and havent gotten around to it so it was so sweet to open them up and have a peek!

adorable little baby novels with bright colors... just fantastic board books so they are perfect for tiny fingers!

iz picked out moby dick and romeo & juliet.

great choices baby love ;)

eeeek. now i am sure she wants to whole set!

{via and via}