Saturday, July 25, 2015

ocean fresh

these summer candles are perfect...
no lables, bright blue hues, eeek. heart.

and this weekend they're on sale for $12, plus get 20% off with code 20FORME!


Friday, July 10, 2015

mini minions!

searching high and low for these darling lil tic tacs for the niece, nephs & izzy with no such luck! maybe once the movie hits theaters tonight they'll be around... aren't they just so cute n funny :) 

thought izzy might like to go see the new movie since she's kinda-sorta into em... but then again she'd probably be happier with tic tacs and a play ground ;) 

happy weekend! 


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

baby to toddler room

can't believe my sweet lil babe will be two in one month, waaaa? that doesn't even make sense in my head but she is a ball of fun and mama can tell she's getting into the twos in style ha!

mamas been dreaming of a little room change for izz and im crushin on these darling little home beds, eeep, i mean sa cute.

maybe daddy will be convinced to make us one. i debated, well still debating going from the crib to a toddler to a twin if to skip the middle but these mini beds are so adorable that im not sure a twin would have the same affect! plus babes still has a ways to go on her mattress... so i.dont.know.

anywho, cuteness abounds in the world of kiddos...

a mini cloud lamp would match pretty perfectly! and a floor lamp is soon to be a must.

that mini house bed, dreamy with little lights hanging can you imagine?!

bunny bedding, this girl would say aww and hug it to death.

i can't get over those cute shelves, easy peasy to do and holds so much.

and the acrylic shelves are just too much. i would love to organize that.

i think im gonna have to wait til fall to get started on project toddler but this weather day has me longing already for those cool calm days!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

hello there bounceRoo!

and whoa mama, mia much?! sorry! babes and hubs and i are enjoying every drop of summers sunshiny goodness... so it might be a little sporadic here in the meantime!

mama loves new products though... 4moms is releasing a bounceRoo this summer! it's adorable just like the rest of the line, seriously izzy lived in the mamaroo for like 3 months! i even picked up a rockaroo on clearance when she was 9 months... but the newbie to the party is wireless and crazy light and super portable! i love that. ive been so impressed with their products and babes loves the breeze play yard too. it's crazy simple to setup, great for vacay!

oh oh! if you have been wanting a mamaroo or rockaroo or breeze or anything 4moms they are hosting a 20% off sale with free shipping! just use code 10ANNIVERSARY

guess the bounceRoo needs to go on my list for the next kiddo... whenever that may be :) that and the 4moms carseat that install and levels itself! now if they would just have a ventilation system like the drivers seats... even with tinted windows cars are hot when its a hundo outside! we would be all set with nice and cool seats.

happy summer, see ya soon{ish}


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

mini sized

did you try a mini frappuccino? they're darling! i am sure izzy will be begging for them in no time. but seriously perfect for all ages :)


Monday, May 4, 2015

mommys day.

i just spotted this adorable first mommys day gift! 
eeeep. so darling and sweet and i heart teeny tiny toes. 

kinda giving me baby fever again, sheesha. 

love. love. love. 


Monday, April 20, 2015

loco for lilly.

wowza. people went crazy for lilly for target and by the time i got to the store at 3pm almost everything was gone! i snagged a few pieces for izzy, a swimsuit coverup, swimsuits and nail files for me and some candle holders too... but all the lounge chairs, pillows and hammocks were gone gone gone. crazeee cakes!

just love the springy lilly toddler prints and the whole collection was just fab & adorable!

{via lilly for target}

Friday, March 27, 2015

easter egg-celent

k these eggs. pretty spectacular no?!

i mean mama don't got the time, lol.

but i would l.o.v.e a few hours to create these magical minis.

so amazing!

a quick diy is over here on think.make.share


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

spreading the joy

speaking of oh joy she's got a new book coming out april 7th!

60 darling diys to create and give joy! mini gift giving ideas or brightening up a space... i heart all that sweet party-gifting-mini-packaging-home-joy-filling fun.


Thursday, March 12, 2015

baby wraps

oh yeesh, all you lovelies having sweet little babies are giving me baby fever! izzy's been sleeping through the night since she was 8 months old so now that we've gotten a little sleep back it's about time for another right?! ha ha. okay, okay, i'll think on it. these wraps aren't helping either... just darling right!?

oh joy did a collaboration with solly baby and created a darling new print for spring!

have you tried these with your littles?! they look so sweet with babes all cuddled up inside. i already miss the baby phase!

plus there's even a matching little girls wrap for your toddlers babies, eek.
oh me oh my.

so adorable from solely baby

use code :: springforsolly for 10% off to shop through friday

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

tick tock

the apple watch collections just released are pretty cool!
i just want to see one... they look so cute and like tiny lil iphones.

of course the one i really like is 12,000 big ones.


i think id rather take diamonds or maybe a vacay to hawaii!

just sayin.


Friday, March 6, 2015

jewelry, meet technology.

okay, i've been drooling over these since i first saw em. sneaking in lil hints to the hubby that i want one so bad... is it gonna work?? {batting eyelashes} maybe. ha.

this is genius, smart, clever and hello, jewelry. and if you are like me and can't wear fake metals {true story} this is ideal!

more freedom from the devices we are so reliant on! i've gotten into the habit of reading my bible on said iphone and ipad which is all well and good BUT my sweet little izzy can't SEE the difference between reading news {and okay some mostly useless stuff, uh-hmm} and reading my bible! not okay. so making a little more of an effort to be technology free most days is a goal and a perfectly positive thing. hubby and i used to drive around without cells phones... back when they weren't invented yet, i mean, whaaaaa?? we're 21 and that's crazy talk.

i just love this concept of being notified if needed, but setting down all the useless stuff. and watch out date night... it's perfect for leaving technology put away {other than maybe a few pics} and still getting notified if the babysitters needs something :)

{via ringly}

Thursday, March 5, 2015


these dolls are just the sweetest. i showed my little 18 month old the video and she reached for the screen wanting to hold one!

she loves dollies, stuffies and little things.

this sweet girl reminds me so much of our australian friends... we love their accents :) what a great idea making dolls look more natural and their little sweater outfits, so sweet!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


kate spade just released KIDS! clothing and accessories for toddlers and girls... is my tiny tot too little for a kate spade bag of her own?! yeeps!

oh cuteness.

sign up for the newsletter and get 15% off {bottom of the page}!


Monday, March 2, 2015

cinderelly cinderelly night and day it's cinderelly...

these are the moments i wish my little izzy was just a teensy bit older so she could sit through a movie at the theater!! cinderella looks so adorable {coming out next weekend} and babes is getting into the princesses now :) of course she can stay little forever, i don't really mind.

and did you see the mac line cinderella that sold out in 1 HOUR?! nutso.
i totally missed them all, but they are pretty cute and princessy.

view the full line here.