Wednesday, February 18, 2015

light it up... for the home.

i'm happily updating a few things around my home... but talk about indecisiveness?! oh me oh my. i think i perhaps love too many style and textures and the hardest time narrowing it all down.

this week i'm working on bright lights.

one choice for above the dining table and a different one above the sofa.

these styles slay me...

but seriously how does one even pick light fixtures for their home!?! i mean they might be up 15 years?! waaaa?


and of course i want a steal or knockoff.

since my lights are in the same room, different ends, id like them to be similar but not? sheeshers.

happy shopping i guess :) please be a sale {uh hem crate&barrel}


Thursday, January 8, 2015

lilly & target, eeep!

who's so excited with me!?! an amazing collaboration coming our way...
love lilly pulitzer prints, designs and adorable colors and now... hello affordable!

what could be better? can't wait!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

gold everything.

january hits and my house feels SO empty!! no more twinkling lights and trees and sparkling things {my christmas home tour is over here though btw with all things sparkle - enjoy ;)} my decor now seems sad... and it just is not feeling fresh and energetic and is it too early to decorate for valentines??

so i am in search of some new fab ideas and trying to come up with a few... without spending a dime! is that even possible?! we shall see, we shall see. i could easily make a quick trip to the hoblob and spend all that sweet christmas cash and poof! ha. but it's so fun to be creative plus it's freeeeezing icicle cold out there, who wants to bundle up baby?!?! so i plan to get crafty and recycle some old frames and canvases and my years of college art supplies are filling up basement drawers anyway so it's time to dig in to the loot.

feelin' inspired by these living room sets and wall art ideas... darling! 

gold, black and white are my theme for the den. 

hearts, gold, love letters... whats not to love?

and that faux diamond i think you shall be made first! 

a printing press would come in super handy right now... oh well. 

off i go, baby naps! 

wish me luck... or something. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

happy 2015!

i love freshly baked & sparkling new years!

thinking i am almost ready for the christmas twinkling lights and trees to come down ;)

hope your year ahead is uber blessed with God's love, peace and graciousness.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

merry merry christmas to you and yours!

wishing you a very blessed day making sweet memories and sharing blessings with those around you!! merry Christmas!

{more wishes and pics over here of us!}

Saturday, December 20, 2014

mini gifters.

i love this sweet little mini bag key fob from kate spade!

a perfect little last minute stuffer :)

merry pre-christmas weekend!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

stuffed with softness

oh these darling sweater stockings are killin me!
love me some sweet soft sweaters this season...

fillin up our lil stockings over here!
it'll be a fun christmas with lil izzy being a bit more into it this year :)

and these mercury light bulbs are the perfect little tree addition... oh that sparkle!

mama's all decorated over here!


Monday, December 1, 2014

a little caffeine please.

i am still hooked on our starbucks verismo espresso machine... via christmas gift circa 2012. only ten days after finding out izzy was on the way {eeee!!} i was definitely craving some espresso and it's been nothing but love since.

and it's on sale for only 60 just today!! 50% off... those yummy little starbucks pods and oh me oh my when you add mix-ins of peppermint syrup and salted caramel, i die.

tis the season for steamy hot drinks! yum.

happy december!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

so thankful.

thanksgiving is such a special event spent with family & friends and i adore the atmosphere of complete thankfulness for blessings beyond what we deserve! so thankful again for our families that celebrate true life in Christ! 

and my annual "thanks" list had to come back! full of life-saving, sentimental, silly, and scrumptious things that are so easy to forget, but so great to be reminded of... all the things that we are graciously bestowed day in and out! 

1. You always have to start with Christ, because really what else is there, but this year as I think on the lost and hurting it makes me leap with joy that we have HOPE and can share it! 
2. My sweet little family. Enough said, they are my world. 
3. My baby {not so baby anymore} Izzy, she is just a little slice of heaven filled with delight! Mamahood rocks my socks off. 
4. My hubby. wow, I love him to the moon and back. He is selfless and compassionate and an amazing partner in life.
5. My sweet extended families, I can not express how much it means to have such a close Christ-centered family! Immediate, extended how did I get so lucky?! 
6. My sweet siblings, thanking God for a tight-knit family!
7. My dear grandparents and their unconditional love, support and prayer for me everyday! wow, do I love them! Such sweet hearts that radiate LOVE.
8. True friends, who love me for all that I am and hope to be.
9. Fall baking, I love the scents, smells and yum-o goodies!
10. Loving our home as it changes and grows with us, so blessed by extra space to share and new design ideas to make it our own!
11. Moments in mommy hood where you think your heart will burst and you could just squeeze your baby and never let GO!
12. My iMac + iPad! I am lost without you guys ...  
13. iPhones and technology - how did we even survive before the touch screens I ask you?
14. Hot wassle  
15. New how-tos & hello, pinterest. I have a love/hate relationship with this site... because I will never complete everything I love. ha. 
16. Central heat!
17. Donuts with sprinkles and lots of extra icing. 
18. Fashion - sweaters, fleece tights, shawls, plaids, trenches, loving it all this season
19. Contagious laughter, where we cry and laugh at the same time, God gives us such sweet emotions!
20. Starbucks!
21. My nieces & nephews, what joy they bring! 
22. New car! I heart you heated leather + air conditioned seats, who knew I would use them both in the same day?!
23. Comfy big sweaters... delightful & snuggly
24. Coffee dates, date nights, date days. I heart you all.
25. Shopping, here there everywhere!
26. Bringing Joy to those in need 
27. Seemingly seamless synchronization of all Apple products
28. Sephora and all there fabulousness
29. Snow, hopefully we will get some soon for a white Christmas?? Purty please.
30. Inspiring people, those who have gone before us leading the way!
31. My encouraging church family
32. Our "20 somethings" which should now be "30 somethings" Sunday School class
33. Entertainment
34. Fresh flowers from Beards Floral just make my day - anyday!
35. Photos - I don't know how many we've taken this year but I am lucky we live in an era where I can take as many as I like :) and our photographer has taken the cutest pics of our family this year in all of our sessions!
36. Kate Spade handbags + polka dots - you name it, it's adorable
37. My new Simplified Planner by Emily Ley... it makes me happy to be organized, can't wait to break it out in January!
38. Ikea - looking forward to izzy's first trip in december!
39. My fabulous tempurpedic mattress. We sleep like kings. 
40. Vacation - so nice to relax and unwind
41. Freebies.
42. Black Friday shopping!!
43. Christmas shopping... my lists are being checked off, whoop!
44. Diamonds, a girl can't really get enough.
45. Over-the-knee socks!
46. New jammies for Christmas eve for the whole family... izzy's gonna love hers! 
47. My "world's softest bathrobe" it truly is the softest. 
48. Fluffy socks
49. Giant whole punches, amazing and circle cutters, oh lala.
50. Adobe programs
51. Space heaters
52. Blowdryers + Chi everything
53. Hot showers and cozy bubble baths - although I sincerely miss my giant blue tub!
54. Traditions - I love the rich history and traditions and making them our own + throwing in new ones just makes me happy happy happy
55. Spoonulas
56. Winter + Pine scented Scentsy & candles
57. All the scents of deliciousness that are Thanksgiving food!
58. Flannel sheets
59. Uggs, soooo cozy
60. Eyeliner and mascara, a blonde girl's best friend
61. My mini-pink Bible so I can read on-the-go
62. Amazing childhood memories, stories you never forget!
63. African stories told by my Grandparents and Uncles, we gotta get these on video.
64. Fall colors and leaves + snowy days and gray skies - I heart it all.
65. New things to look forward too!
66. Pillows, we only sleep with 6.
67. Chocolate & cheesecake
68. Always thankful for my salvation and incredible hope of eternal life!
69. Christmas cards, can't wait to send out our new ones!! 
70. Wifi
71. Candy, candy canes, syrup.
72. Christmas music - fun and enlightening and those sharing the meaning of the season!
73. Multiple ways to contact friends & family... oh our world of connection.
74. Living in a country full of freedoms. 
75. Love. Freely given, undeserved. 

Praying abundant blessings on you and your family this holiday season and beyond! :) 
Let's always live with thankful hearts!  

Psalm 95:1-6
"O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto Him with psalms. For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods. In His hand are the deep places of the earth: the strength of the hills is His also. The sea is His, and He made it: and His hands formed the dry land. O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker."

{print via}

Monday, November 17, 2014

merry advents

when i first spotted these i thought hello darling what a fabulous way to incorporate Christ into the entire month leading up to christmas!!

and what little munchkin wouldnt love a mini toy, Jesus christmas story book, bible verses or tiny lil gifts to open each day?! just making the season that much sweeter... and i think these are the cutest!

and perhaps i'll even have time to create one of these {before my patience runs out and i get one in the mail?? ha ;)} but time is going by so fast with only 12 {yes twelve} days till december! eek.

hope you get some mini moments to remember that the real reason we celebrate is CHRIST.

and come shop early at our christmas fair happening THIS weekend!

{via land of nod}

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

crunchy caramel corn time!

my favorite baking holidays are coming up and that means lots o amazing recipes & sweet treats! this is one of our faves for an easy-quick-snack... and one that only lasts a day around here! enjoy...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

hello november!

brrrr. tis a little bit chillier out there... hello mittens and scarves!
well november just means it's almost december and christmas and tinsel and it t'will all be here in a flash!

oh crazy cakes!

our party prep is well under way for our {6th annual} christmas fair and you are invited to the festivities as always friends!!

november 22!
jot it down in that date book of yours and come celebrate! {and message me for details if ya need em}

it's always so much fun and i love to see all your sweet faces, come one come all!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

polka dots and bows for all!

get excited! eek!

enough said right?! 

coming OCTOBER 30th.

izzys begging for the whole collection ;)

can't wait to see all the styles... love it all! my favorite bags {over here} are from kate and hubs has an awesome bright orange one from jack! they last so long and are so durable and have just the right pockets and pouches that everyone needs.

{via gap}

Saturday, October 18, 2014

sip n shop

just in time for the holidays... target starbucks finally lets you pick up your lucky 12 and birthday rewards at their locations, yahhoooooo! great for mamas that don't want to drive 2 more miles to the real bucks, har har. lazy.

but i do love to sip n shop :)

grab an account {on your phone, easy-peasy} and get a FREE drink for signing up! then every 12 you buy you get a FREE one, and a FREE birthday reward, love it!


Friday, October 17, 2014

birthday freebs + fun.

ya'll have gotta sign up for bday freebies! 
{ok, its been a month since my birthday} but i am still picking up free stuff - yahoo! 

here's my short list, ha! 

i am sure there are way more out there so let me know what other goodies you find! :)
hubs and i eat out for free and half price for weeks on end... love it!

abuelo's - sign up for mi abuelos rewards and get free food or dessert for your birthday. a free entree is emailed to you shortly after signing up too. 
applebee’s – free dessert on your birthday.
aveda - sign up for email from aveda and get a freebie for your birthday! this year i picked a fragrance oil in a custom scent.
baskin robbins – coupon for a free 2.5 oz scoop of ice cream on your birthday, join the Baskin Robbins Birthday Club.
ben & jerry’s – get a free ice cream treat on your birthday when you join ChunkSpelunker with Ben & Jerry’s.
benefit brow bar - happy we have one of these finally, ha! sign up for email and update with your birthday to get a free brow service on your big day.
blue bell – blue bell country club will receive a gift certificate for a free half gallon of blue bell ice cream during the month of their birthday.
boston market – kids 12 and under will receive a birthday coupon good for a free kid’s meal, drink, and dessert at boston market.
buffalo wild wings – get a coupon for a free dessert to celebrate your birthday at buffalo wild wings.
california pizza kitchen – Children (10 and under) in the cpkids program receive a free cpkids meal during the month of their birthday.
caribou coffee – create an account and be sure to update it with your birthday. a free coffee drink coupon will be sent on your birthday.
cold stone creamery – cold stone creamery will send you an email with a coupon for a buy one get one free ice cream creation.
cracker barrel – come into cracker barrel on your birthday and get a free dessert and song.
dairy queen – dq blizzard fan club will get you a free ice cream cone on your birthday as well as a buy 1 get 1 blizzard when you join.
famous daves bbq – free food coupon via email for your birthday when you join the pig club.
firehouse subs – firehouse subs birthday club gets you a free sub on your birthday.
helzberg diamonds – sign yourself up for free email updates at helzberg diamonds and receive a coupon for free pearl earrings for your birthday.
macaroni grill – macaroni grill give you a free dessert on your birthday.
noodles & company – just join the Noodlegram to get a coupon for a free dish on your birthday.
on the border – get a free appetizer on your birthday when you join on the border’s club cantina. you can also get an instant coupon for a free bowl of queso or empanadas.
outback – snag a free dessert when you go to outback on your birthday.
p.f. changs – come in and get a free dessert on your birthday.
red robin – the red robin club gives you a card for a fee burger on your birthday {for all ages}
sephora – beauty insiders get a free gift from sephora on your birthday {pictured!}
texas roadhouse – be a texas roadie and get a coupon for a free dessert or appetizer on your birthday.
toys ‘r’ us – kiddos aged 2–10 get a birthday card and surprise gift from Geoffrey when you sign them up for geoffrey’s birthday club.
ulta - join ultra rewards for a free full sign mascara on your birthday
victorias secret - get the angels card and receive a $10 birthday reward, plus other specials all year. 
world market - sign up for explorer rewards and get lots of coupons and a free $10 for your birthday.